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Each client is unique in its strategic objective and it is important to have a strong collaboration throughout the course of a campaign to provide consistent strategy realignments. Gracall International employs an equally unique approach by assembling a team of client relationship managers with industry-specific experience, to put the collaboration focus at an individual level.

Service Continuity

Gracall International understands the importance of its role in extended business representation and the strategic planning required to maximize availability of service. Gracall International’s infrastructure is built upon such fundamentals and employs a strategic facility and vendor selection process that encompasses considerations for telephony / IT redundancy, communication and utility infrastructure stability, human resource availability, and natural disaster probability. This approach to service continuity allows Gracall International to maintain its service capacity under critical conditions or catastrophic events.

Recruitment & Retention

Gracall International believes passion drives inspiration and motivation. Our frontline team is built with the highest level of passion to deliver the best possible service. Gracall International employs a rigorous evaluation process and maintains peak performance culture throughout the career of a team member. This approach to recruitment and retention ensures each individual involved with the campaign is not only well versed and proficient with all aspects of the service delivery, but stays passionate and motivated throughout the campaign.

Quality Assurance

The core value of Gracall International operating practice is the understanding of our role to serve as an extension to the frontline of your organization. This also drives us to invest considerable resources to proactively collaborate with your resources to improve and maintain the quality of service delivery.

Reports & Analysis

Gracall International understands the operational needs of our clients and the vital statistics representing operational success. Gracall International is committed to investing valuable technological resources to consolidate operational metrics and data, allowing the ability to generate on-demand performance reports efficiently and securely for real-time performance analysis.

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